The Next Generation Smart Fish Ruler

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You Pocket Fishing Expert

Ever fancy catching the big one? Trophish is here to help. Incorporating cutting-edge computer vision algorithms and crowd sourcing philosophy, Trophish is the ideal solution for anglers worldwide to measure catch sizes and share fishing joys.

Share Fishing Joy

With recorded data, a ranking list is automatically generated according to the species chosen, allowing you to compare, survey, challenge and interact with fishing enthusiasts around the world.

User Growth System

Earn medals and unlock hidden achievements based on type, length, size, location and the amount of catch. Whether you are an amateur, fisherman or a professional, Trophish will surely enhance your fishing experience.

Always Be Ready

Before you even step out the door, know exactly what type of environment you're going to. The Trophish app lets you know the weather, humidity, air pressure, wave height and tide before, so you’ll always be ready for the most epic of fishing experience.